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China Specialist in Investment Castings by Lost Wax Casting -

Dongying Dana Precision Metal Co.,Ltd manufacture precision investment castings using a variety of metals including stainless steel,carbon steel, low alloys, copper base alloys, aluminium alloys, by silicasol lost wax casting process.

316 stainless steel Bimini Uni-Mount

316 stainless steel Bimini Uni-Mount
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316 stainless steel Bimini Uni-Mounts allow you to install bimini tops on boats at mounting points that are angled or rounded where conventional top mounts just won't work. The UniMount provides a solid base to install conventional radius or deck top mounts at any angle necessary for a strong, positive, neat and clean installation.
<1> The base L-W-H dimensions are: 2-5/8" - 1" - 1".
<2> The distance between the center to center of the holes is 2"
<3> Installs with #5(M5) screws (sold separatedly)

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