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China Specialist in Investment Castings by Lost Wax Casting -

Dongying Dana Precision Metal Co.,Ltd manufacture precision investment castings using a variety of metals including stainless steel,carbon steel, low alloys, copper base alloys, aluminium alloys, by silicasol lost wax casting process.

Stainless Steel Rectangular Bases 90 deg

Stainless Steel Rectangular Bases 90 deg
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Stainless Steel Rectangular Bases 90 deg which is designed for strength and is highly polished finish for outstanding corrosion resistance.
A = 3-1/8"
B = 1-7/8"
C = 1-1/2"
D = 1"
The distance of center to center is 2-3/4" in length and 1-1/4" in width
Installs with #5(M5) screws (sold separatedly)

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